Construction Contractor

RKSB Services are also involve in the construction and maintenance work for buildings and upgrading of roads for government agencies and GLCs. Our company has qualified and experienced staff in the implementation of civil and construction works. Our expertise as offered to our clients are as follows:
  1. Design and Build for rural road network, including the required drainage system.
  2. Maintenance and upgrading of buildings.
  3. Maintenance and upgrading of roads and related infrastructure works.
  4. Earth work in building construction and roads projects.

Experiences and Partners

  1. Maintenance in the agriculture road network for Felda Besaout, Felda Wilayah Trolak, State of Perak.
  2. Upgrading of agriculture road using road stabilizer technology for Felda Wilayah Raja Alias, State of Negeri Sembilan.
  3. Upgrading of road network for Felda Suharto dan Felda Gedangsa , Felda Wilayah Trolak, State of Perak.
  4. Central contract for the maintenance of army camp building in the State of Perak for Ministry of Defence.
  5. Central contract for the maintenance army camp building in the State of Perlis for Ministry Of Defence.
  6. Upgrading of the accommodation building Mallbat Village, in Port Dickson for the Ministry of Defence.

Farm & Nursery

RKSB is also a player in the farming and nursery work for the oil palm and rubber plantations industry. We are involve in the related management services work, supply of materials, supply of agricultural equipment and irrigation system pipes and fittings. RKSB has been accorded with the certificate and recognition from the management of Felda for our assistance in the oil palm nursery. We were also rewarded with the certification for our work in the rubber nursery management, from the Rubber Board (MRB) Malaysia. We were involved in the cleaning of the nursery until the seedlings were ready to be brought to the fields for cultivation process. Implementation scope involved the followings:
  1. Nursery site clearance.
  2. Construction of perimeter fence.
  3. Construction of the irrigation system for nursery.
  4. Filling up the soil into polybag.
  5. Polybag alignment.
  6. Nursery seedlings.
  7. Fertilizer and pest control.

Experiences and Partners

  1. Provide labour and equipment including the seedlings of 25,000 trees in the Felda Trolak East, oil palm nursery, Perak.
  2. Works for the provision of labour and equipment including the provision of rubber seedlings amounting to 1.3 million trees for the rubber plantation of Felda Lawin Utara, Perak.