Farm & Nursery

  1. Nursery site cleareance.
  2.  Construction of perimeter fence.
  3.  Construction irrigation system for nursery.
  4.  Fill the soil in a polybag.
  5.  Polybag alignment.
  6.  Nursery seedlings.
  7.  Fertilize and control pest
Providing services, equipment, agricultural equipment and irrigation system pipes and fittings for nursery management work oil palm and rubber. We have got the certification and recognition from the management of the Felda for oil palm nursery. While the work of rubber nursery management, we have obtained certification from the Rubber Board (MRB) Malaysia. The work that we have implemented include cleaning the nursery until the seedlings are ready to be brought to the fields for cultivation process. Implementation scope is:
  1. To provide labour and equipment including seedlings of 25,000 trees in the Felda Trolak East oil palm nursery, Perak
  2. Works for the provision of labour and equipment including the provision of rubber seedlings amounting to 1.3 million trees for the rubber plantation of Felda Lawin Utara, Perak